Obama fever


While the election is not ours, and by ours I mean the rest of the world, it’s been impossible to ignore hasn’t it?

Impossible not to form some sort of opinion on?

Here in Ghana, you don’t need be to be highly experienced pollster, futurist, bleeding heart, hawk, wonk or spin doctor to work out who would get the votes in the US election.

Obama is everywhere. Spot bars are named after him, passport photo booths advertise with his face, lurid red, white and blue shirts embalzoned with his image, flags decorating taxis proudly wave Obama, and my personal favourite: school stationery.

When school started for our children, they brought home their new, school supplied pencils, coated in pictures of Ghana’s favourite (overseas) president. And I couldn’t resist a matching Ghana schools exercise book. Don’t you love the expression on Barack and Michelle’s face, “You’re freaking joking! We’ve made the cover of Ghana school books!”.

And while he isn’t our president, this graph from BBC news makes an interesting read:

(Click image for link to original source.)

2 responses to “Obama fever

  1. It is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore and not form an opinion! I can’t believe how much coverage the US elections have on the international news stations. It’s funny to hear people talking about it on the streets across the world but I was so ready for it to be over! I don’t know what it’s like in Australia but in Canada, elections are short & sweet. I feel like this US election has been dragging out for years and I was getting so tired of this or that poll and he said/she said.


    • I don’t know if I’d call Aus elections short and sweet! But there certainly isn’t the money there to have anything like the American election campaign. Actually its election day in Ghana this Friday and in this incredibly peace loving country there are constant calls for a peaceful election. The media has been in election speak here since easter, and I wonder what will be on the radio come monday! I was really surprised at how everyone here is acutely interested in the election, so it should prove an interesting few days.


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