Chris Gerakiteys is an Australian writer, blogger, scientific editor and general jill-of-all trades.

In 2012, exhausted by the fly in-fly-out lifestyle of her geologist husband, the family decided to take the plunge and move to Ghana, West Africa.

She writes about the challenges, experiences and joys of living six degrees north of the equator, amidst the colour, chaos and smells of West Africa. Six Degrees North is part travelogue, part diary; Chris speaks honestly about raising children and living as an expat in the developing world.

She splits her time between Accra, the capital of this peaceful African nation, and rural Ghana where her husband works.

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  1. Hi Chris, You have a great blog here and what a great idea… By the looks of the pics you and youir family are having a wonderful time there.
    My husband and I (from Perth, WA) are looking at accepting jobs with Golden Star Resources in the Bogoso/Pretsea provinces/village. I work in Project Controls and my husband in Contracts Admin mainly on Mining Construction jobs. I am currently doing some research just to be certain relocating is the way to go. We worked in Sierra Leone for 10months last year and I absolutley loved it. Do you have any tips for living and travelling in Ghana?
    Cheers & Take Care


    • Hi Jess, Thanks for your sweet comments about the blog. We are having an interesting time, but we have only been here for a month, so I am still very green! My husband has been working in Ghana for a year now (he was fly in fly out of Australia) and we just wanted to be together. Ghana seems to be really friendly, I certainly feel safe walking around our local town, when I would be the only obruni (white). We are an hour from Kumasi, and about 4-6 hours from Accra. My husband says Golden Star is well set up, but is in a poorer district of Ghana. I think that since you have lived in Sierra Leone, you will know whether you like to have expats around you etc etc. and the difficulties of sourcing luxury things (cheese!). We tend to buy fruit and veg locally, head into Kumasi for milk etc, and looks like about once/month, head down to Accra for a big shop. It also gives us an excuse to have a weekend away, stay in a hotel with a pool etc. One thing I do really miss though is accessibility to a car. The driving is pretty crazy, and the company we work for provides a driver, rather than having us drive, so I miss being able to get in the car at short notice. Compared to other west african countries, Ghana is very stable, safe, with access to reasonable health care. We have a clinic on site with nurses and a doctor on call, but for more serious issues (broken arm etc) we have a good hospital about 20mins away. I would certainly look into those types of facilities near Golden Star. My husband has just added that it is closer to the coast than us, so you would have an easier time having good weekends away. Keep in touch, I hope it all goes well for you both, Chrissie


  2. Hi Chris, I have been following your blog with great interest. I am an Austrian mother of two, married to a Ghanaian and we have lived in Kumasi for almost 6 years. We could meet up and share our experiences if you like. Regards, Elisabeth


  3. I have enjoyed reading through your blog. As an American working in Ghana I share a lot of your discoveries and frustrations, but overall I love being here. Keep writing, I’ll keep following along!


  4. Well, it is funny how I ended up on this page. Funnier still how your banner image (love it, by the way) reminds me of the one I use on my blog ^_^


  5. Hi Chris.

    My name is Shantalie and I am an editor at http://www.expatarrivals.com. I found your blog doing research for a new Ghana guide that I am putting together.

    I would be really keen to hear more about your experiences and have you contribute to our guide.

    If this is something that sounds interesting, do let me know and we can discuss the opportunity in greater detail.

    Email me on shantalie@expatarrivals.com

    Hope you enjoying your expat experience in Ghana and I hope to here from you soon.



  6. Hi Chris,
    Great blog…well done! I am very interested in Ghana as the company I work with has recently opened up its offices in Accra and I am seeking to expand my business there. Should you know of anyone who is looking for a full time or part time or an exciting business challenge I would appreciate it if you would kindly let me know. Our website is http://www.wellnessclubmultinational.com
    Regards, Rosanne


  7. Hi Chris,

    Just stumbled upon your blog, just now actually (via Expat Blogs). Looking forward to exploring your blog more. I lived (both my husband and I – though at the time, he wasn’t my husband yet!) in Ghana for a year (both worked as VSO volunteers). I lived half the year up the North, in Tamale and the other half in Accra. I have very fond memories of living in Ghana, also left a lot of lovely friends and acquaintances. Hope to be able to come back someday. I miss the kebabs and jollof rice. All the best, Dean.


  8. Hi Chrissie,
    I also stumbled upon your blog, and that’s because I was trying to trace your phone nr… So I found out you’re a gifted writer! Hope to see you again in Kumasi! Greetings, Marian


  9. Great blog!! I spent some time in Ghana when I was 17 and loved it!! So happy to follow your blog!! I would love to go back to Ghana some day. I stayed in Accra whilst I was there, had an amazing experience. I hope you are all well!


    • Hi Lauren, You have a really interesting story to tell, and I hope everything goes well for you, your husband and new life in India. Why were you in Ghana? It’s not the top of everyone’s list, but it’s an interesting place! Chris


      • Thank you so much!!

        I was volunteering in an orphanage just outside Accra- it was an amazing experience!!! Ghana will always have a special place in my heart!

        Excited to read more from your blog! Take care


  10. Hi Chrissie, Enjoyed your blog as I enjoy dinner with Vola & Brian most Friday nights at the Alligator Creek Bowls Club. Wet season here is trying to start but it’s like the first few drops of juice from a firm lemon so far.
    Enjoy your life of discovery. Cheers from Chris


  11. Hi Chris, I’m so glad I found your beautiful, inspiring blog! I really do love it. It seems like Ghana is an interesting, challenging and inspiring place to be. Can’t wait to read more 🙂


  12. Hi, Chris! Very cool blog. I will be creating and developing a blog very soon about living here in Ghana. I am from America and absolutely love it here. Me, my husband, and our three tots relocated here 7 month’s ago, and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I will be following your blog, looking for new updates, and hopefully new friends!



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