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  1. Hi, I love your piece on the ‘trailing spouse’. Having been a full time professional and taken up ‘trailing’ and the perks, I fully identify with you. I’m home with the kids as we contemplate our next move and Accra, Ghana is one of the potential posts. Having noted that you are living in Accra?…would really appreciate it if you shared a bit of info about the place.I have two boys, 10 and 5 years and would be interested in basics like international schools, housing situation, medical…pretty much anything I guess


    • Hello,
      I would like to ask you how you manage the malaria issue Ghana and if/when any one falls sick, what are the facilities like? Thank you!


  2. As a parent of a “trailing spouse” I loved your contribution. I feel that it summarised my daughters life very well. Not to castigate it, as in a lot we do, it is the circumstances we find ourselves and how we Manage it that counts



  3. hi, i would like to contact you to ask you some questions regarding health precautions when moving to ghana with young kids for a couple of years.


  4. Hello, we have just returned from a 5 days experience in Ghana. We went for a site visit since my hubby has been offered a role in Accra.
    We loved reading your blog, kind of levelled our expectation prior to leaving. The expat ladies we met in Accra did mention the most important thing to bring from home or overseas is meat. Do you find this? Otherwise would you know of a import butcher in Accra? Love to hear from you.
    Thanks Claire


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