The second half of the house (by Cec and Lill, with photos by Jock)

The second half of the house is ours! Would you like a tour?

The house is enormous. We have a bedroom each, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and 2 verandahs, and a massive cupboard full of fizzy drink! Mum doesn’t let us drink it much though!

The top photo is the stairs to the front door. There is a large verandah, which has mosquito netting all around it. This is so the malarial mosquitoes can’t get in. It is nice to sit on the verandah and watch the rain. The rain is very heavy, with light rain as heavy as normal rain in Newcastle.

Here we are standing next to the 2 guards at the front of the house. We have real security guards downstairs though. They are very friendly and often come to the farm with us.

Now come inside and sit on our yellow (!!) sofas. We don’t really like them, but they are comfy. After our tiny in television in Newcastle, we have a HUGE television here, with 283 channels!!!! There are about 10 kids channels, and lots of African tv channels. Mum doesn’t let us watch it much though.

Here is the kitchen. It came with lots of gadgets. Ghanaians really like sweet bread, so we were happy to see a bread machine, which we have been making loaves of bread in.

Here is the dining table. It is 2 tables together. The room is really big.

Come and relax with mum. This is mum and dad’s bedroom. It is massive. It is as big as the bottom floor of the tallhouse. It has a row of cupboards along one wall which they couldn’t fill even if we had all of our clothes here.

This is my [Cecily’s] room. At the moment I have a double bed but I have an old bed which was restored and am waiting on a mattress.  Can you spot presents from Newcastle? I am enjoying having my own room, and not sleeping on the sofa like I did for the first week.

This is my [Lill’s] room. I am really enjoying having a room of my own for the first time. I have a really big bed, it is king sized and can fit 3 pillows next to each other. I have a long desk and a massive wardrobe. [Chrissie adds: check out those curtains! Gold, brocade AND tassels! Of the 34 louvered windows in the house, 25 of them had gold curtains (the internal rooms have windows onto the now fully enclosed verandah, where the living rooms, bathrooms and kitchen are). They’ve gone to a more appreciative home now.]

This is my [Jock’s] room and it is very awesome! I have a king sized bed and can’t get kicked by Ninny anymore. I have a weird brown sofa in my room, and a desk and a Christmas tree. I have my Lego in my room, it is awesomely set up with people on one shelf, cars and spaceships on another shelf, and dinosaurs on the bottom shelf.

This is the corridor between the 2 halves of the house. We went to Konongo markets and got some slingshots each, which Ghanaians call a tie.

This is the kids side of the house. We have a living room all to ourselves and a television which could fit 4 of our old televisions in it. The carpet is weird and looks like bacteria under a microscope. This is also our school room until we go to D and D academy, don’t ask me what the D’s mean.

This is the super springy lift off pad. It’s lots of fun. We spring on it everyday.

This our new friend Patty playing the Owere game, which means marriage. Some people call it Mancala. The rules are really different to how we play it in Australia. Patty and her sister Cindy live on the mine site too, we play with them some afternoons.

Thank you for visiting. Please come again soon!

Next time we will visit the farm and the people who work near our house.

Cec and Lill, with photos by Jock, typing by mum.

5 responses to “The second half of the house (by Cec and Lill, with photos by Jock)

  1. Hi this is from Clara .Wow your house is enormous and cool.Thank you for sending more photos on your blog. I am off to school now but I’ll write to you later.Miss you so much.


  2. WOW !!!!! I WANT TO COME AND LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE !!!!!! It is sooooo……. awesome.You all must feel like you are in Hollywood.Imagine all you kids having your own huge bedrooms. Bet you have some fights choosing which TV channel to watch.Your new friends look like cool kids and that trampoline looks like great fun.Great photoes Jock.Cec and ? “Laura” make great models to highlight your home. Mum looks relaxed on her tiny bed !!


  3. Great work folks. You are brilliant at describing your new surrounds and the photos are great Jock. Glad you are settling in happily. Thomas and Emily will be amazed when they see all this! Victoria


  4. This my second go at commenting….Little House on the Prairie had better look out or it will be replaced. Great talent in photography and script…..Love Grannyxxxxxand Brian


  5. could you tell us the rules for ghanaian mancala and is the farm yours? how many people work there and where is it?
    your house looks really cool, the bacteria carpet is amazing. whats home school like.
    we have been to linuel and are going there next year.
    lots of love ella tess and jennie


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