And the rains will come.

Throughout the day the sky blackens, then thunder rolls through each corner of the sky

And the rains come.

Water pouring from the sky,

you wonder,

how can the clouds hold so much?

The rain drowns all noise away but the rolling thunder.

From our gutterless house great pools of brown water surround us

hemming us in, as if the rain were not enough.

The primal abundance of water intimidates

and the rain does come.


Cleansed and cool

till it builds again.

5 responses to “And the rains will come.

    • ha! No, it would be full in a flash. We have a massive old opencut pit, which a lot of the water for the mine comes from though. It’s interesting though, as in the towns, most of the streets are dirt, and in area of bad erosion, you can see the houses are more than a foot higher off the ground than when they were built! They must have very deep foundations. C xx


  1. Surely William is not overawed…..we get rain like that here….!!!!probably for shorter periods of time at a time? But it can certainly bring down the hillsides…… Enjoy…and watch out for the little bitey fellows who will be multiplying like mad in every pool of water!!…It does make one feel cooler for sure…x vola


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