Photo of the week


It has been a long week, but I’ve enjoyed my stint at the helm of Konongos premiere Australian-Ghanaian blog while chrissie mooches around Paris with the kids (arguably a harder job).

The photo of the week, vote by me with a landslide 100% of the votes is :

Galamsay miner. This is how an estimated 100,000 Ghanaians make their living – panning gold from various small scale mining operations. This guy is picking a gold grain out of a black rubber gold pan.

It’s hard work. From digging the ore in cramped, sometimes dangerous mines through moving tonnes of rock, usually by hand. This photo is pay day – panning a concentrate for its gold.

What a week.

–Starting with a list of things about Ghana that are strikingly different from Australia – 60 different things about Ghana,
–Moving straight into a short spiel on why West Africa lives up to the dark continent moniker  – the 10 minute challenge ( a west africa-centric quiz which I know you all did astoundingly badly at – except perhaps qn 3).
–Jock helped keep things light by having a bit of a hair day – The Mbongo tree
–Then we descended into organisational hell – This is a true story.
–And just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, Chris repeated the horror 10 days later – A true story part II.

I miss you guys already. Have fun.


2 responses to “Photo of the week

  1. Looks like a landslide coming from that guys left ear. It was a little clearer when I enlarged photo; but still can’t see his weathy gold find.


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