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The birthplace of Aphrodite, Kythera Island.

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    • Excellent! I didn’t even think of that!. We are having a lovely time on Kythera. The beaches are just so beautiful, I had forgotten how lovely it is. And brilliant to have the house. C xx


  1. Hi Chrissie
    How good are the Greek Islands! Love reading about your adventures.
    We’re going to the islands next year and doing a sea kayak journey from Milos to Santorini- takes about a week.
    Kirsty and i are going well, we’re heading off to Japan on Wed- frisbee and travel for a few weeks. GSNSW still lurching along OK.
    Speaking of frisbee- looks like it could be heading your way:

    Message: 1Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012
    From: Jessica Bonham To:
    Subject: [BD] Unwanted discs for Ghana teaching project

    Over the summer we will be volunteering with the charity Madventure, inGhana, teaching Frisbee to children in different schools. As part of this project we need to provide our own equipment to donate to the schools sothat they can continue the sport when we are done. One thing we are looking at collecting is as many discs as possible. They have to be in good condition (no holes, stud marks, etc) but they do not need to be brand new. If you have any spare discs that fit this description and you no longer use them, it would be very much appreciated if you wanted to donate them to us. Any donations big or small would be really appreciated. Thank you and if you have any questions about the project in general you can contact me at
    Jessica Bonham and Jody Martin

    BritDisc mailing informed –


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