what makes you happy?


So what does make you happy?

And why do I have an apparently random picture of a pretty average road?

There are the universal precepts of happiness: friends, family, meaningful or useful work or activity, a sense of contributing to the greater good, feeling understood and valued for yourself, a sense of hope or something to look forward to. The big ticket items really.

But what about in the day to day mundanity of life? What keeps your spirits up? Two great mates of mine preserve a ‘golden moment’ of each day which can be thought back to throughout the day to keep the dopamine levels high. The first taste of coffee, the feeling of your child’s arms about your neck, a cool breeze on your face and a blue sky overhead, a view of the ocean, the smile of a friend, a piece of chocolate, a glass of wine, a clear mind after physical exercise, the feeling of something well made in your hands, the escape of a good book, a well graded road.


Yes, a well graded road.

The last 20 minutes of our drive to school entails a gut wrenchingly bumpy road, which every single day jangles your nerves as you are about to arrive at school. Given 99 times out of 100 it is me who brings the children to school, the irony was not lost on me when I got a phone call from Bill as he headed in one rare day to collect the children. The glee in his voice when he reported there was a grader and a roller on the road. And out front a man waving two flags of the incumbent government, in case anyone missed who was responsible. Electioneering, huh?

Either way, it makes us very happy.

4 responses to “what makes you happy?

  1. hi… i appreciate your blog. first time that I viewed a blog and read it till it is finished. I have this interest to help the African and other people know of our advocacy. hope we can communicate. thanks.


  2. Hahaha – oh we had a ‘road’ just like that in Port Gentil. It was the only road that led out to the majority of international companies. For the entire 2 years we lived there we kept hearing that it was going to be fixed. It would get plowed every few months but after a big rain, one could hardly tell. As we were leaving, crews were setting up out there. I’ve been meaning to ask if it was actually fixed.


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