What do you miss?

Well we are coming up to 9 months away from home now. The acutely painfull homesickness has passed, as has the thrill of the new. Both replaced by a sense of some routine, a different routine, but a routine none the less. There is still so much we miss about home; obviously family and friends. It’s the birthday parties, camping, Friday night at the beach, scouts, the sound of ships in the harbour, a walk along the break-wall, our lovely school; all the communities which surrounded us and gave us so much joy.

I long for a view of the ocean.

But sometimes, its just the little things. Given our much smaller choice of groceries, last night we were trying to remember what we ate for dinner in Australia (we all seem to have collective memory loss as to the finer details). Then we started playing the fun/torture game of what do you miss, but you are never, ever going to get. Estabar blood orange sorbet, good coffee, Darby street Indian takeaway (any takeaway at this point!), good cheese, fresh milk, going out for dinner, milkshakes and sausage rolls at Nobby’s beach, strawberries, fish and chips at the beach, lamb (goodness how I miss you!).

But on the opposite side of the coin, it can be the little things that bring that sense of home to the present. While I could devour a packet of Mint Slice biscuits, we’ve just received a new shipment of Vegemite from an Australian geo passing through. I know it’s cheesy, but it’s good. While email and skype are wonderful, a handwritten letter (thank-you!) is such a joy. And, I am totally loving the ABC radio app, so now I can get my dose of Life Matters and hear one of my bestie’s voice, not with a morning cup of tea, but while I am making dinner.

When you are from home, what do you miss?

What are the things that brings home back to you?

8 responses to “What do you miss?

  1. I went to Europe for a year backpacking and as Christmas approached and winter set in, I couldn’t stand it. I got on a plane and flew home. I missed the gum trees, the summer heat, the beach, family and also being able to speak English. Actually, I missed having the same sense of humour too and laughing at the same things.
    BY the way, I live just down the road from Newcastle on the Central Coast. Will be heading up to Newcastle next weekend and will give it a wave for you.


    • You are so right about missing the sense of humour! I didn’t realise how much I would miss it. Occaisionally we have Australians come through our site and it’s always a joy to have a laugh with them. Have a swim in Newcastle for me! C


  2. Oh gosh – this sounds so familiar!

    I often miss the ease of things at home. Sometimes I just want to drive myself to a well known store where I can get everything I need and I’m not struggling with language. I remember breaking into tears a few times after a trip to the grocery store in Gabon just out of frustration and wishing that things were easier. Thankfully, that passes.


    • It’s always good to hear your experiences Jay. There have been more than a few intensely frustrated moments here! But, as you say, it does seem to pass, or perhaps become less frequent!


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