It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas…

Christmas turkeys

Well, it’s not really, but I thought it funny the only time I have seen turkeys in Ghana has been this week at the post office, where I went to collect and send Christmas presents, that I saw this gaggle.

Outwardly, Christmas here isn’t ‘done’ like in Australia or Europe, or North America. The only decorations I have seen are in the larger stores or fancier hotels. The latter are draped in the swathes of [green and red] fabric which are such a fixture of Ghanaian decoration. But, on closer inspection, the traffic over the last few days is starting to get (even more!) intense, people are on the move. And now that the elections are all but over (we are still waiting for the legal contest form the NPP, and the swearing in of the new president, scheduled for 7 January), Christmas is, of course, on people’s minds. On the radio hip-life has been replaced by saccharine Christmas carols. Man, I’m not a fan. While grocery shopping I made a comment along these lines to the shop girl, and she assured me it was ‘because I am not happy in my heart’. I assured her, not to worry, I was.

Burkina cattle truck

Here is a truck from Burkina Faso, travelling to Accra. The truck is full of cattle off to (Christmas?) slaughter, the cane box atop is full of guinea fowl (again off to Christmas slaughter?) and a huge group of guys, perched on top. I seriously hope they don’t fall into the truck of heaving meat and sharp horns.

Sunset in Konongo

The weather is changing too. While we were expecting Harmattan by now, when the hot winds from the north bring the sand of the Sahara to cover everything in red dust; it has not yet arrived. True is it getting hotter (is it possible?), and the mornings are now shrouded in thick, white fog. The fog seems to herald bright, hot days. I spent my first ten months in Ghana, nary seeing a star. After a lifetime of romantic ideals of the night sky in Africa, living at the equator means almost permanent cloud cover. But lately, the sky has been a welcome blue, broken by large grey cumulus, and bands of white alto stratus. And come nightfall, a lovely, but brief sunset.

Sunset in Konongo 2

The end of the year is always a time of reflection. It has been an extraordinary year – challenging, eye-opening, adventurous, at times charming, at times tedious. Extra ordinary in many respects really. We have grown as individuals, and probably more importantly, as a family.

We are off for a few weeks holiday. And with the end of the year, a big birthday looming for me, and soon after, a year since we arrived in Ghana, there will be plenty of time for more reflection. Should I have an ephiphany about any of it, I’ll let you know.

But in the meantime, we wish you all a very happy Christmas, and a great 2013.

Bill not quite at work, yet not quite on holidays either.

Bill not quite at work, yet not quite on holidays either.


5 responses to “It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas…

  1. We need pictures…get out more..
    Are you writing less? I seemed to have read your last two post without finishing half a cup of tea.. Today i read and looked at the photos with out taking a sip of my tea.
    Chris…don’t get lazy on us your readers have gotten addicted to your musing.
    You have been branded a unique and talented writer so there for you must write. No cutting corners.


    • Hi Don. Thanks for your thoughts. In the lead up to Christmas and traveling (tonight) we have been busier than usual. And you know, it can be exhausting living here!!!! Sometimes you just need a break. Have a good Christmas.

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  2. Dearest Chrissie,
    I just sent you an e-card to your email address tollhouse@dodo etc. I hope you receive it but just to be sure to be sure I thought I’d say a quick hello and let you know I’m thinking of you on this special day to remember what an incredible and dear person your Mum was and as the song goes she was truly Unforgettable.
    Wishing you, Wil and the kids a fantastic 2013. Looking forward to your next post telling me all about your Christmas adventures and whether you’ve moved camp. BTW I’m now on Facebook (mainly so I can see what Christopher is doing in his life), so if you are too, look me up so we can become “friends”, annoying as it may be.
    Lots of love and hugs,


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