Three coins in the fountain

The children and I have just spent 9 days in Italy. A big part of me – the responsible-eldest daughter-guilt prone part of me, almost didn’t want to write about it.

After all it seemed, it is, so decadent to spend a week in Italy. The “it’s so expensive”, “we should be saving our money”, “you could just stay at home these holidays”, all those excuses, just melted away when my (wonderful!) husband said “Would you rather spend a week in Konongo, or a week in Italy?”

Click below to watch us at the Trevi Fountain.

And if, in how may years time, Jock again gets to see light stream into the windows of St. Peter’s Basilica, or Cecie gazes across the Duomo, or Lill steps into a gondola, and smiles, and remembers. Then it’s all worthwhile. The world is indeed a beautiful place.

And I hope our children, if all they get out of our travels, is a sense that the world is not only beautiful in all its variety, but accessible too, and nothing to be afraid or intimidated of, then I will be very happy.

Details coming soon… I promise.

4 responses to “Three coins in the fountain

  1. Gorgeous video of the kids Chrissie, how lovely to see them. Jock seemed inclined to keep his money perhaps to buy a gelato? This trip to Italy is a great benefit of living in Ghana, fantastic that you hung the expense, a great treat for all ( sans Will) x


  2. I thought it was Cecily Lillian and Jock(girls are soooooo alike now)…wow..watched the video. Jock has not changed…chip off the old block…….Vx


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