30 days of photographs

Pillow manDo you know TED Talks?

I love them. They are such a wonderful reminder of all the amazing people in the world, just so inspirational. The children and I have taken to streaming a TED talk each morning during the half hour drive to school. The talks invariably open our eyes to the possibilities of the world and the future. And this could be more important, they show that to achieve something amazing, you do have to work really hard and be really persistent.

Our favourites have been Caleb Chung, who is a toy inventor. He actually made Furby, amongst many others. We also loved  Arthur Benjamin’s Mathemagic. Just google ‘TED talks for kids’.

But what’s up with the guy with the pillows on his head? Well, I realise I seem to have stopped taking photos here in Ghana. Which is nuts because the streets are full of amazing scenes, which we would never see in Australia. (As an aside, I always ask before I take a photo and many people here don’t want their photograph taken, fair enough too). I joined Instagram a few months ago, and while I love the concept, I haven’t really got into it. So, when I found this TED talk by Matt Cutts on making changes, however small, to your life, I thought it was time for a 30 day photography challenge.

So for the month of May I’m posting a photo a day on Instagram, with the hashtag #30days. You can find all my photos here. Feel free to join in!

4 responses to “30 days of photographs

  1. When the girls were small, small, I remember telling them a story in the car about my day and finishing it with, “I learn something new every day!” Emily, the oldest who was probably about 6 years old at the time, couldn’t believe me. “What? You?” In her mind, her parents already knew all there was to know, so it was good for her to realize at an early age that one never stops learning. Especially in this technological age of ours – the land of instagram, wordpress and html editors.


  2. Nice, very nice. more photos please. Don’t pre-judge rather a particular photo may have value to your internet family Chris. Just take your camera and click away and let us decide. This is amazing…nothing short of amazing. I have three people sitting around my computer right now checking out the photos and who you are. It’s a good thing i have a 27″ monitor or i would tell them to back off and let a brother breath.


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