TGIA – White Man’s Decoration

White man's decoration

{TGIA – Thank God it’s Africa, is my weekly look at the weird and wonderful things that happen when you’re living in Africa.  Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re a little dangerous, sometimes they’re a heady combination of the two. On a continent which faces many challenges, populated with people of extraordinary ingenuity, it makes for some good times.}

Life is never black and white is it?

Well, sometimes, especially when you live in Africa, it is. Quite literally.

From bibini (lit. black man or African) to obruni (lit.white man), each term can be laced with their own cultural prejudices and expectations. But there is, as often as not, a refreshing honesty about colour here. If the kids in Konongo want my attention, it’s “Obuni!’ they yell. Fair enough, that’s what I am (but I do prefer it when they call me Abena, or Ama, or…almost anything else really).

So I was intrigued with this shop in Kumasi for months before I finally paid a visit. After all, I am a white (wo)man, and what decoration could I find in this little store that would set me racing for my wallet?

IKEA furniture?

The latest from the Apple store?

Fair trade coffee?

Alas (for me at least), car accessories.

So I picked up some new windscreen wipers and car mats. None the wiser really. But my car is looking good.

Have a listen to the fab Kwabena Kwabena’s Bibini album here.

Have a great weekend.

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2 responses to “TGIA – White Man’s Decoration

  1. Hi chrissie,
    Its english mike from kumasi….the guy who thought you were your husband last year…..
    Steve G told me you moved to Accra before he left and the whole expats thing is a bit of a shambles now. I’m not sure who runs the site now but hey ho….
    So, I’ve read your last report and its cracked me up……I’d love to contribute every once in a while…I promise to keep it low key !
    All the best


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