New begininings…

On the little farm last night, a new goat was born…

These goats are up there with the cutest animals ever. They are officially West African dwarf goats, but we like to call them Ghanaian Mini-goats. The sweetest organic lawnmowers ever.

Needless to say, the children we’re pretty thrilled by the whole scene. I was pretty chuffed they saw the reality of the afterbirth and all. And they were pretty grossed out when the goat ate it!!!!

Tomorrow, our trip to the big smoke of Kumasi.

3 responses to “New begininings…

  1. good, happy to know you are coping well in Konongo, how is the beetroot? I am looking for how I can lay my hands on beetroot juice.

    Andy [Accra]
    00233 544343287


    • Hi Andrew. Nice to hear from you. Our garden hasn’t any beetroot at the moment, but it certainly grows well in Ghana; if you have a garden of your own. Otherwise, I do see it fairly regularly on roadside fruit and vegetable stalls in Kumasi; so if you keep your eyes out, I’m sure you’ll find it in Accra! Regards, Chrissie.


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