Great excitement yesterday afternoon when we headed down to the tennis and volleyball courts-we met a big group of boys and girls heading home from the local school. There was much curiousity with patting of skin and hair and lots of questions! Keen to know what country we were from, but didn’t know where Australia was (and my kids didn’t know where Ghana was until Bill first came over) and whether they would go to school (yes, but as we’re not locals, need to go to school in Kumasi). With the girls and a few of the younger boys we played shuttlecock and catch, no one (including my kids) had played shuttlecock before but it was picked up very quickly, particularly by the older football playing boys later on. The younger kids were intrigued by our hats. One girl commented that Lill’s hair was going black (and not staying like Jock’s blonde hair) because she hadn’t been wearing her hat enough and the sun was making it black like hers. There is good logic in that! But I showed her our freckles and explained.

I offered to take some photos with my phone and it was a huge hit. The girls were keen (insistent?) on individual posed portraits and the boys were equally keen on photos with Cecie and Lill, with a flurry of flicking through all the photos on my phone afterwards. And while mine were a little nervous with all the attention at the beginning, we had a great laugh and a very fun afternoon.




3 responses to “Kids!

  1. Evie says “the African people seem really nice”. How exciting for you. Great to see photos of you. We’ll try and Skype tonight (tomorrow morning your time).



  2. Fantastic. Didn,t know this had arrived !!! Thank God for Mel and Sat. am. I was getting concerned not being able to make contact. Skpye seems to have some difficulties…..for me anyhow. Will get to work it better I hope.Photoes are brilliant. Kids look very happy, what fun and interesting and so memorable.”Town” does look different to boy that Jock !!!


  3. Welcome to Ghana.
    Although I am British I have had a lot of contact with Australians as my husband (a Ghanaian) and I both worked in PNG. He was based at Porgera and then Tabubil for a long time. I also worked in Hong Kong and a lot of my friend there were Australian.
    I’m sure you will have a great time in Ghana as it is has a lot going for it – mainly its people.
    We live in Accra and have been here for a while now so if you need any help or advice just ask.


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