Happy easter.

From the land of cocoa, but scant chocolate, comes a little easter treat.

Inspired by my mate Helen, with the recipe from Delia Smith.

Hope everyone had a happy easter, with lots and lots of chocolate.


p.s. In this deeply religious country, where juju is also practiced, I had the funniest conversation with one of the drivers about Easter, trying to convince him that a huge white rabbit delivers chocolate in the shape of eggs to children on Easter sunday. He thought I was a nutter.

4 responses to “Happy easter.

  1. Chris – they look fab! I bet they taste great as well. I hope the large white rabbit has been kind this year. I can only imagine the epic egg hunt that is possible on the ‘farm’.

    Happy Easter to you all.


    • Funny. We had a crazy storm last night too, but thankfully the easter bunny made it through to us as well.


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