Ghanaian mancala…Owari. Video by Lillian and Cecily

Here is a video we made of me [Lill] and Cec playing against each other in Ghanaian mancala. They call it Owari. Hope you like it.

6 responses to “Ghanaian mancala…Owari. Video by Lillian and Cecily

  1. G’day over there, great to read your stories. I have tried to email you @ tallhouse, but they just bounce, so wanted you to know , am thinking of you. Love from Annie B in Newcastle


  2. So now you are going to be movie stars and producer. Is there not any skills you haven’t be able to master? Ell is shell schocked that religion and moral education are compulsory! It is also becoming good for her on-going education to hear all the things that you kids are doing.Will try to teach her mancala as well. Good job girls.
    Love and cuddles, Rob xxx


  3. Hi, Lll
    it sounds like fun playing Ghanain mancala and I loved your movie .

    In newcastle I have been in Sydney over Monday and Tuesday with Lizzy and daddy. We stayed with Oma. This morning Lizzy ,Daddy and I went running to practice for the zone and non zone cross country but I fell over and got a realy big graze on my knee, apart from that it was great fun. Love Evie .


  4. Dear Cecily, As soon as I saw the video about the game I wanted to play and I did .Its really fun and addictive.But I played it OZ style with food containers and money.
    I wish you were here.
    From Clara 🙂


  5. Dear Lill,
    I saw the video it’s great.
    By the way Happy Easter! I was in Sydney for Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th and Monday 9th. We went to The Royal Sydney Easter Show on Sunday and I got a Willy Wonka showbag. I went to the archibald exhibition on Monday and I slept all day on Saturday.

    Love From Sophia oxox


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