A normal day?

I dropped off the children at school this morning and did a spot of grocery shopping on my way home. It felt almost normal….


Other mum's doing their shopping

Fresh chicken for dinner?

Beautiful graters made from old cans

Baskets and brooms

You can never have too many watermelons

Crossing the road at Ejisu

Don't hit the brakes too hard

Whole dried chameleon

…until I went to pick up the children from school. Cycling along the main road was a rastafarian – with a baboon sitting on the luggage rack of his bike. At least he was holding on tight around the rasta’s waist, we wouldn’t want the poor thing to fall off!

Will this ever feel normal?

5 responses to “A normal day?

  1. From Tate any gold? What’s up the baboon? 🙂 I got a buetiful Moroccan trilobite and a opal.


  2. Far out, brussel sprout !!! I thought the Terrace was feral.
    Can you believe our ‘darls’ should have turned 70 to-day?
    Especially thinking of you ,
    Love and extra cuddles,Rob xxxxxxxxxx


  3. Chrissie if you stayed there for ever it will never seem quite normal..I think you should just treat it as a fun time with a giant learning curve(with an eye to writing that book afterwards and making a fortune!)x Vola


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