London calling

Still stunned that London is only 6 hours from Accra,  the children and I have slipped away for a week of school holidays. Look at that glorious blue spring sky!

I haven’t been to London for almost 12 years, and with the sun shining, and a few difficult months behind us, it has been a real joy to arrive. It has been so lovely to show the children a great city. It’s difficult to describe without resorting to cliches, but the history of the city seems to permeate so much. I’ve enjoyed staying near Hyde Park with the streets of perfect white houses and chimneys silhouetted against the evening sky, cherry blossoms on trees, transport which is relatively easy and efficient (and I don’t feel as though I’m taking my life in my hands using it), crunchy apples, cool air, milk from a cow (not a box), Cornish clotted cream and scones, crunchy French bread (are we seeing a pattern emerge?), a long awaited visit to Anthropologie and just the simple joy of visiting a western sophisticated city.

From the children’s point of view, highlights of the day have been

:: Paddington Bear at Paddington Station

:: climbing around on the lions at Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square

:: Cecie being shown Academy of St. Martins in the Fields, where much of the classical music she loves comes from.

:: Finding the street named after our favourite King of Bling.

:: The real Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and Monet’s Water lillies (Thank you Miss Varagnolo!) at the National Gallery.

:: Red phone boxes, red double decker buses and police boxes really, truly exist.

:: The 5 (yes five!!) storey, 250 year old Hamley’s toy shop, complete with new and unseen Sylvanian Families (a border collie family! We couldn’t resist), and Lego as only the Brits could do it…

:: Barbie and Ken are so 20th century. Move over to the new dream couple.

9 responses to “London calling

  1. Onya Chrissie , have a great time guys – hope you kids are writing in your travel diary. Love Annie B


  2. That toy shop is rather awesome, isn’t it .Need a week to check it all, kids.The whole world should love London, it is so interesting. Not a bad school holiday, ay what !!
    Love and cuddles, Rob xxx


  3. Hi Chrissie, Bill and kids,
    We are loving your blog. I have read your latest entry with astonishment and some dismay. The entire Osborne family (not just Don this time!!!) was in London last week, we could have been on the same floor of Hamleys for all I know! We also had a great time, I think we had a slightly different itinery to you. We went on the London Eye and got stuck, saw the Crown Jewels and spent hours exploring the Natural History Museum. Great rocks, but also this amazing Exhibition of dissected animals called “Inside Out”. Next time maybe we could meet you somewhere,
    Love Justine, Don, Tate and Asha xxxx


  4. Hi chris, hope you enjoy uk. Zen wants to know if you can send a photo of a police box..all is well in Newcastle town


  5. Hi Lill!!!!
    It sounds really fun going to london .I liked the look the sylvanaian family shop and Paddingtion bear on Paddingtion station.

    In Newcastle we went to New England it was so awesome. We did lots of bushwalking but it was really cold .We stayed in a cabin called Tom’s Cabin. It had 4 bunk beds and a fire place. It was really fun. We should go there together when you get home.

    Love Evie

    PS We want to see pictures of the Border Collie Sylvanians. Kathy and Evie


    • good writing style chrissie. Pleased you had a good time in Londres. I lived beside the Tate gallery on the embankment (Royal Military College) for 6 months when I was doing neurology at Russel Square and walked home a diffferent way each day. I would imagine you could do this every few months. Nothing strange here. The speaker of the lower house has resigned (Peter Slipper) for some gay (really)stuff using his government cab-charge vouchers. Craig Thompson is hopefully next. Yours &safe home
      19 degrees south (TSV)


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