Loving London…

We have had an action packed few days. Here are some highlights:

:: a walk through the drizzle to Hyde Park, onto Buckingham Palace, down to Westminster, and into the extraordinary history of Westminster Abbey.

:: the highly anticipated Making of Harry Potter exhibition. The attention to detail throughout the films is amazing, and the blueprints were quite beautiful. We entered the Great Hall, discovered the secrets of the invisibility cloak, walked along Diagon Alley, rode broomsticks and rode on the Knightbus. Oh, it was fun.

:: I’ve enjoyed the aplomb with which the children have taken to hopping on and off the Underground.

:: An enormous day at the Natural History Museum, we could have spent days there. Jock declared it all his favourite, Cecie really enjoyed planning her own expedition in the Cocoon, and Lill (bless her) declared the Geology section her favourite. Did you know there are 20,000,000 items in the collection? It is nothing short of a mind boggling place. I love it.

7 responses to “Loving London…

  1. It looks like you are all having a wonderful time! I can never resist an impromptu game of Monopoly when in London. Pass through Liverpool St Station – “Buy it”.


  2. helclark in her comment took the words out of my mouth !! and looks like kids love London as much as me.Happy birthday Will, for tomorrow. Love Rob xxxxx


  3. Fantastic…makes me feel homesick…Happy birthday to William on Friday….makes me feel old!!!!!LoveGrannyxxxxx


  4. Gosh, I feel really homesick! I think the Natural History Museum is ab fab too. You could spend a month in all the galleries and museums and still have lots to see, but you seem to be getting out and about too. I think Cecie was standing in front of a poster for a Damien Hirst retrospective which has had good reviews too!

    We are all loving reading the blog. We have all learnt so much about Ghana. I hope the school term goes well.

    Love to all. Jane


  5. Hi Chrissie, Wil & kids, Full marks to you all for being such incredible human beings and conquering this amazing life you’ve taken on with such gusto and success. I’ve been loving reading your blogs and also comforted to know that you’re not only surviving but having a totally amazing and memorable time….something that the kids will remember forever. You guys are absolute legends. We’re heading off to Europe tomorrow via Tokyo and London – might see you there – but only if you’re at Heathrow as we’re connecting to Nice for a look around Provence for 4 days then yes, we figure we’re old enough for a Mediterranean cruise, so 3 weeks of pampering floating aimlessly around – even to Greece to soak up a bit of the old country and eat some keftedes, moussaka, spanakopites, etc etc etc followed by lots of baklava and an ouzo chaser! Then Spain then Paris then London to see Wicked, then Shanghai then home after 5.5wks away from our darling grandchildren. Sammy turned 2 last week and Lou has another one due on 3 September. Can’t wait! Plus we’ve got Zoe (6) and Ada (4) – right terrors – take after Poppy Eric. Keep up the blogs, keep having fun and keep well.
    Lots of love, Helen xoxo


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