Oh, the places we went…

Can you guess where we’ve been?

We went to visit the Queen. Such a shame she wasn’t home.

Wandered around Westminster.

Welcome to Hogwarts.

Went bear spotting at Paddington Station.

Marvelled at life in all its forms.

Avoided the guillotine at the tower.

Walked acros Tower Bridge in the rain.

Were confronted, thrilled and charmed by the Tate Modern.

Loved Henry VIII’s Grand Design and getting lost (and found) in the maze.

Oh Liberty, you are so lovely.

Descended into the subterranean bowels of London.

Travelled the world inside one amazing museum.

And caught up on some light reading.

We had a wonderful week. And guess who stopped by Heathrow to say good-bye?

p.s We’ve been home for a few days, but have been very distracted by the contents of one very important sea container…yipeee!


2 responses to “Oh, the places we went…

  1. hi chris, hope your all doing fine. we have been closely following your travels to the uk, Tiah and zen – Very Jealous! we plan on going to thailand again next holidays. Our house is practically finished now. its looking great. did you guys ship all your stuff to ghana? I thought you were leaving it at aunty robs??. any how you all seem happy. how are the kids settling in to the very long school hours, have they got some nice new friends, and what do you do with your time while bills at work and the kids at school? we are going to to make a short film! tiah and zen are drawing up a storyboard and and are going to star in there very own movie. they both love being both behind and infront of the camera!!. well keep you posted. p.s. did you end up seeing a blue police box? T and Z are such dr who fans. love K,D,T and Z


  2. Hi Lill,

    I liked the look of Paddington Station and the front door of Hogwarts. We are listening to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince now. How about you?

    Glad the shipping container finally arrived.

    I’ll try and Skype soon, I’m having trouble finding a good time with the time difference.

    Love Evie


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