photo of the week

A young girl working at Konongo markets.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

4 responses to “photo of the week

  1. puts it all into a bit of perspective doen’t it – as everyone here bleats on incessantly about the cost of living and having trouble paying for their flat screen tv and Mcmansion!!!


    • It sure does put it in perspective, it is quite humbling. But also it does really make you appreciate the things we have that gives a variety to life like a wide choice and knowledge of different food, good wine, books, the Internet (sorry to say but sometimes I just want to spend an hour) and all of the things that make our life easier (washing machines, reliable vehicles and constant electricity). People certainly seem to have a richer spiritual life here. And for all of us blessed with excess it’s a balancing act. Thanks for you comments Kate. They are always really thoughtful. C x

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