The Mbongo tree


This is Mbongo and Jock. Mbongo is Jocks brother from another mother. They’re pretty close. You can tell because they’ve even got similar hair. Mbongo is from Zimbabwe – we worked together there. He’s a good guy so we got him to Ghana.

That is not Jocks real hair (gasp!). Jock is wearing the flower from a Mbongo tree.  The tree, a palm, has been recently renamed because it makes anybody look just like Mbongo. We all thought it was pretty funny – but Jock thought it was funniest.

The secret to jocks doppleganger talents are as follows. The flower-thing on the plant needs to:
-be dislodged from the tree (usually by a rainstorm – the only time there is any wind)
-get rained on enthusiastically for a day
-get driven over by a couple of cars (the crucial softening step), and
-shaken for 10 seconds then have the remaining ants flicked off…

…before being plopped on his head.

Nearly forgot! – Jock is the one on the left.


3 responses to “The Mbongo tree

  1. Loving greatly, all of your stories and informative ‘ chats ‘. Stay well, love to all, Ann B


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