our long holiday by Cecily


We woke up in Ghana and knew today would be busy, soon enough we were on the plane to Accra.

That afternoon we were on another plane (it was a 6 hour flight), we woke up on the plane and we were in Istanbul. Another flight to France soon after.

After 3 flights and little sleep we were there!! We walked around Notre Dame and found Clara. We were very excited to see her.

We did lots of things in Paris including:

  • went to Effiel Tower
  • walked around Montmarte/ Sacre Coure
  • went to the Lourve
  • went to Tuilleries garden
  • went to a flea market
  • went to some food markets
  • lots and lots of parks
  • walked up Notre Dame
  • We also went to Versaille and an adorable farm that was started by Marie Antionette. It had adorable little houses, like doll’s houses. We LOVED it.

We got lots of things done in just 1 week.

GREECE     Athens

Greece was more of a relaxed place. On our 1st 3 days we went to the Acropolis and Acropolis muesum and a fun night at the Plaka.

GREECE     Traveling on the mainland

Traveling on the mainland had a lots in the car but it was worth it.

we went to:

  • Olympia
  • Delphi
  • Epidavros, which is an ancient theatre and hospital
  • many little towns [lovely beaches]

GREECE  Zakynthos

Zakynthos is a island.

In Zakynthos we went to Shipwreck Bay it has usually got calm blue water but not the time we went. The waves were huge and the boat was small [you can only acess the bay by boat] by the time we got there we were saturated in water an then we got to jump in [cold].

Zakynthos was FUN.

GREECE  Kythira

Kythira is the island mums yia-yia [grandma] grew up in.

We mostly swam, jumped off tall rocks into water and ate delicious traditional food.

It was seriously FUN.

GREECE   Going home

We hopped on our plane out of Greece.


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