We’re back.

And what better way to settle into our Ghanaian home than to watch a few games of football between the mine teams in celebration of Ghana’s Republic day holiday.

You don’t just hear music in Ghana, you feel it, as the sound waves reverberate through your body, and the hip-life was pumping out at about 20 000 decibels. The final was a closely contested game between Security and Admin/Geology/Mining. Security are the big strong guys, who had actually trained, versus a bunch of guys who spend most of their time in front of computers. You can guess who the favourites were.  And despite claims of unfair refereeing, Security came up trumps in a penalty shoot-out.

Enjoy the almost closing moments of the game, when Security realises victory is nearly in their grasp. You might want to shield your eyes in the opening seconds to protect them from Bill’s work safety shirt though…

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