a chair fit for a Queen

Hi there,

Do you like my new chair? Beautiful huh? I bought it yesterday in Konongo from a store which sells all manner of ‘chiefly’ items. How cool is that? Kente cloth, wax print, embellished Adrinka cloth, gaudy (fake!) gold jewels, velvet hats and leopard print bangles are also available. A real treasure cave. Here is the lovely lady who sold it to me.

I was a bit concerned that I would offend a chief if I bought the chair for myself, me being very very far from a ‘Queen Mother’. But I was assured it was ok; and that people sometimes buy them to put in their living rooms, even if they are not royalty. So as they say in Ghana here “It’s coool”.

The chair is made of wood and covered in hundreds of silver rivets and pressed metal with a deerhide seat. I love it, it sits at the head of the table and weighs a ton. Needless to say, there is a fair bit of competition in the house for who gets to be the royalty for the evening!


To Julie and the team at expat-blog, who have chosen six degrees north to be their ‘Blog of the Month‘. Such a pleasure to be included amongst a really interesting and diverse group of people. If you are an expat, or thinking about becoming one, expat-blog contains a lot of information. From discussion groups to housing, job and business classifieds, and of course, links to other blogs, which, as we all know, are a great (!)  source of local knowledge. And if you found us through expat-blog, Welcome!

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2 responses to “a chair fit for a Queen

  1. You are regal enough for that bejewelled magnificence my dear…I love it
    Hope all is going well back there-we all miss you.xxxMaryanne


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