getting my (crafty) mojo back

I’ve been a sewer, a knitter, a cutter, a gluer, a printer and any manner of crafty business for a long time.

Although, I do suck at colouring in, much to my kids disgust.

But, since we have moved to Ghana my crafty inspiration has totally deserted me, much to my profound disappointment. A skirt, a bag, a few things for the kids, finishing off a few long overdue projects brought over from Australia and plenty of started, but never finished projects later, I wonder how? When I am surrounded by such wonderful fabrics, (such as this), woodcarving, music and all the exotic sights of West Africa, could inspiration leave me?

I put it down to settling in, being broadly overwhelmed by everything, and adjusting to all aspects of our new life. But it seems we must have achieved a level of normality, as I find myself sitting down with a pair of scissors and my sewing machine. At long last…

Ghana has a mind boggling amount of foam shops, selling mostly foam mattresses, and foam squares (for sofas I presume). I could never understand how a country could need so many new mattresses, but then I remember the funeral circuit. Funerals are a BIG deal here, with the funeral occurring up to a year after the death, and people will travel great distances to attend one. Hence the need for plenty of spare mattresses. Anyways, I liked the look of the simple squares, and thought they would make nice floor cushions when covered in wax print fabric.

What do you think? I’m tossing up the idea of foam cubes covered in wax print too? Would they work? Would they be too wobbly? I’ve also crossed the 70s with wax print and made a ‘pouf’ for Jock’s room. Can’t help but smirk when I write that word, but is looks pretty cute.

p.s do you like our new friend Pippi Longstocking? She is our new, feisty little kitten. She has charmed us all (even the dog lovers!), especially when she sits on top of the floor fan, when it is turned on!

7 responses to “getting my (crafty) mojo back

  1. I love the cushion covers, the kitten and Jock’s impersonation of the princess and the pea!

    Those fabrics are great. I’m glad you are getting your craft on.


  2. your cushions are beautiful! i’ve found that big life changes can sap my creativity, too. sometimes there’s a shortage of energy when you’re adjusting to all those differences 🙂


  3. Chrissie, I have been waiting for this notification re your special talents coming to the fore again …..congratulations…go for it…..Love volax


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